With all the problems in our world today, it’s easy to want to “check out.” Choosing to live a nomadic state-of-mind is not the same – it’s all about conscious awareness.

It’s fair to say, and I’m sure you’ll agree, we exist in an age of intense political, cultural, and economic upheaval. Turn on the news or just log into Facebook, and instantly you’ll feel the heavy burden of mindless-spewing negativity. Include the deluge of confusing “alternative facts” and the issues have disproportionatly amassed (dividing and distracting each of us).

Lately, I frequently find myself wanting to “check out.” And, I suppose in some ways, the idea of venturing into a location independent, nomadic, lifestyle is a desire to do just that – check out. But, it’s not.

Let Goals and Ambitions Constantly Evolve and Change

In our daily lives, each of us has our unique challenges. For myself, I’m constant juggling the ups and downs of owning my web design business, establishing this blog, learning how to travel with my dog, Mila, and just figuring out how to support us. My personal struggles may seem trivial to someone else. And I’ll admit, I haven’t set my standards very high. But, as I’ve always said, “just keep a roof over our head and keep us fed.”

Like any new adventure, I’m feeling a mixed bag of emotions – the excitement of new possibilities and fear of the unknown. To be honest, much of my fear is over concern of the unknown. I realize, even with the best of intentions, not everything will go exactly according to plan. Consequently, my goals and ambitions are constantly evolving and changing.

Currently, my intention is to save up to build a tiny house, buy a truck to tow it with, and travel around the country with my golden retriever. Ensuring I’m providing the best care for her I can, the most practical (and affordable) approach to travel is to stay in the states. There is much to see, and I’d very much like to explore the beauty our great country has to offer. And, hopefully, share uplifting and inspiring stories from our journey along the way.

Regardless of the challenges, distractions, and climate of our modern societies upheaval, this experience is NOT about “checking out.” I admit, I’m not an activist, but I’m not a pacifist either. Rather, I am making a conscious choice NOT engage in the discourse (like politics, for example), either in person and online.

A Nomadic State-of-Mind is NOT Blissful Ignorance

I keep up on the news just enough to ensure I’m aware of what’s going on in the world around me. I do try to be mindful of where I get my news source, but in my current circumstances, it’s not that easy. The TV is often on in my parent’s house – it’s part of my reality I’m learning to embrace. It’s culture shock after having lived 9 years without a television. So when I’ve had enough, I just leave the room, and that’s just fine.

Scrolling through Instagram, I see photos from the adventures of other digital nomads traveling the world and occasionally wish it was me experiencing those exotic destinations I see in my feed. But, as a digital nomad web designer traveling with a dog, I am unwilling to pack up and leave her behind. Mila and I are inseparable, and I intend to keep it that way.

Home is Where Your Rump Rests

While living this semi-nomadic life, I’ve developed a mindful belief that true location independence is simply a state-of-mind. A gypsy by nature, at forty years old, I’ve come to the realization I have no geographic ties to any particular city, state, or country. Yes, I was born in Oregon. Yes, I’ve lived in California well over a decade. And, yes, I’m still proud to be an American.

But, once I downsized – letting go of most of the physical possessions I had acquired over the years – I’ve begun to feel a sense of freedom and realizing, as Pumba from the Lion King said, “home is where your rump rests.” So, until man acquires the technical know-how to live beyond our planet’s atmosphere, the one place any of us can truly call home is Earth.

We’re All Stuck on the Same Rock!

While each of us is on a unique path, we still share our common humanity. As Oprah once said, “we are all more alike than we are different.” Regardless of walls, borders, nationalities, and difference, there is one thing we all share in common: we’re all stuck hurling through space on this rock together!

I believe the upheaval of politics, economics, and culture we’re currently experiencing is just meant to distract us. Distracting us from our birthright of experiencing all the joy life has to offer and our individual ability to make conscious, and healthy choices in our lives. Not just as individuals, but collectively we can come together to make a positive change in the world.

There is a difference between checking out – choosing to ignore the problems of our world – and making the mindful choice of positively redirect our energy and efforts. I think it’s important that if we are going to do anything in our lives, it should be with the intention to “pay it forward” – putting the needs of others before our own. Some people choose to do this by getting involved in politics, activism, or civic discourse (and that’s totally fine). Those activities are great, but they’re just not who I am, not my nature.

Living a Nomadic State-of-Mind

I live by a mantra, “educate and inspire from the creativity within.” I truly believe my purpose here on Earth is to do just that. So, maybe, that’s what this blog is all about: taking my anxieties, fears, and frustrations of the problems in our world and redirecting that energy into other small ways I can have a positive impact.

Hopefully, I can achieve this goal of inspiring others. My hope with this blog is that maybe I can do the same: shine a little light of positivity, hope, and joy by sharing uplifting and inspiring stories from my own journey. And, even if it impacts just one person, that’s fine by me. I’ll just keep doing the best I can (the best way I know how).

How about you? In this crazy world we’re living in, what little things do you do each day for self-care and spread some positivity and love in the world? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Thank you!

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