About Jason Holland

Hello, my name is Jason Holland, and I am a Digital Nomad Web Designer on a mindful journey to location independent, nomadic living. I hope you’ll join me, and my dog Mila, as I share inspirational stories from our adventures – including, personal anecdotes and reflections, pet-friendly travel advice, and eco-friendly travel gear recommendations. Produced by mindful, socially-conscious, and Earth-friendly companies, each recommended product is carefully selected to give you peace of mind on your own adventures.

Jason Holland, Digital Nomad Web Designer

“Location independent” basically means I leverage technology in order to work remotely and live a nomadic lifestyle. With 19+ years of professional experience, I am a “full-stack” Digital Nomad Web Designer.

Through a unique process, I am able to help people – just like you – find their voice, create a beautiful brand experience, build a sustainable WordPress website, and connect authentically with their target audience.

“Educate and Inspire from Your Creativity Within.”

By taking care of the technology for you, my goal is to help you strategically launch your brand, increase traffic, grow your list, and generate revenue. I achieve this by mentoring you through the entire creative process, focusing on four key areas:

  1. Inspire you to find your authentic voice and share your joy with the world;
  2. Create a beautiful, engaging, visual identity and brand experience;
  3. Build a sustainable, secure, and blazing-fast online presence;
  4. Connect you authentically to your target audience.


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About Jason's Junket

Jason’s Junket is an inspirational blog about living nomadic, pet-friendly travel, and eco-friendly adventure travel gear. On this site you’ll find:

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